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All about the
World Poker Tour including WPT tournaments, schedule, Travel Channel, and more.



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World Poker Tour

WPT - World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is putting tournament poker in the spotlight.  The World Poker Tour has boosted the popularity of poker around the world through its poker tournaments and the World Poker Tour television shows on the Travel Channel.

This is the place for World Poker Tour information.  You can see the complete World Poker tour tournament schedule, find out how to play in a World Poker Tour tournament, get information about the WPT Championship and World Poker Tour satellite tournaments, check the World Poker Tour television schedule, and more.   

The World Poker Tour tournament season begins in April and ends with the World Poker Tour Championship the following April at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.  There are a number of poker tournaments on the Tour at various locations throughout the year ranging from Atlantic City, to California, to Las Vegas.  The only qualification for entering any of these poker tournaments is showing up with the buy-in which is usually $10,000.

Make it to the final table of one of these poker tournaments and you get a share of the tournament prize money while your friends get to watch you on television.  Win the tournament and you also get your entry fee paid ($25,000) to the World Poker Tour Championship at Bellagio.  Go to World Poker Tour Schedule to see the complete schedule of poker tournaments. 

World Poker TourThe final table at each World Poker Tour tournament is filmed in front of a live audience and televised on the Travel Channel.  You can also be a part of the audience at the Travel Channel's filming of the final table of WPT tournaments.  Many of the host casinos provide free audience seating.  Check with the casino ahead of time to see what they have planned.  Typically the casino will hand out numbered audience tickets for the poker tournament on a first come first served basis at the casino on the day of the final table.

You can always buy directly into the World Poker Tour Championship which is held in April as part of Bellagio Casino's World Poker Classic.  The game is No Limit Texas Holdem.

Players can also get into the World Poker Tour tournaments through satellite poker tournaments.  The host casino for each World Poker Tour tournament will typically hold satellite poker tournaments.  These satellite tournaments have a smaller buy-in and the winners of the World Poker Tour satellite tournaments get their buy-in paid to the World Poker Tour Championship tournament.  The Bellagio Casino poker room even holds satellite tournaments for the World Poker Tour Championship in the weeks preceding the Championship Tournament.  Go to World Poker Tour Satellite for more information on World Poker Tour Satellite tournaments.

Don't miss your chance to play in the World Poker Tour!






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World Poker Tour

World Poker Tour Schedule

World Poker Tour Championship

World Poker Tour Satellite

World Poker Tour Television more about Las Vegas Poker. more about Atlantic City Poker.



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____________ players can also make it to the World Poker Tour Championship by playing in the Professional Poker Tour.