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The Rules for Mississippi Stud Poker.



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Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud Poker - Murrumbidgee Stud Poker

These are the Mississippi Stud Poker rules.  Mississippi Stud Poker was created to make seven card stud poker play better at no limit and pot limit, and is slowly becoming popular for that reason.  This poker game is also often played with a poker betting structure more typical of Texas Holdem poker - fixed limit with the last two poker betting rounds double the limit of the first two betting rounds.  The bring-in should be less than the first poker betting round limit.

The initial deal in a Mississippi Stud Poker game is the same as standard seven card stud poker.  After the first poker betting round, two up cards are dealt to each poker player, so each poker player now has two down cards and three up cards (so unlike standard stud poker there is no betting on " fourth street").  A second poker betting round is followed by one more up card and a third poker betting round.  Finally, the last card is dealt face up, so that each poker player ends with two down cards and five up cards.  Because each poker player has five up cards on the last round, straights, flushes, and full houses count as high poker hand exposed for the purpose of determining who must bet first.  After the seventh street bet, there is a normal showdown.

A Mississippi Stud Poker game can also be played with low hands or high-low split.  If three down cards are dealt initially instead of two, with the restriction that no more than two of them can be used in the final poker hand, this poker rule variation is called Murrumbidgee stud poker.

Mississippi Stud Poker is a fun poker game played at no limit and pot limit.


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